Sanwo-Olu shares his thoughts on transportation for Lagos in 2019

The gubernatorial candidate for the APC took to the Twitter today, to bare his thoughts on transportation in Lagos as well as other issues. Below are some of the excerpts from the Tweetchat session.

OLUWAKAYODE‏ @_KvngKortez: Hello Sir, during your tenure as the HC-ESTAB, was there any substantive capacity building programmes for our traffic officers i.e LASTMA , VIO etc.?

Sanwo-Olu’s Reply: Yes, there were programmes for the different cadres from senior officers, mid-level to junior officers. We understood that they needed constant training to increase their capacity and effectiveness so capacity building programmes were a constant fixture

Oluomo ofLagos‏ @oluomo_adamex: Pls our incoming governor,We want BRT to start working from OSHODI to EGBEDA(to and fro) once the road is completed, pls APC is trying and lets maintain the integrity of our great party

Sanwo-Olu’s Reply: I agree . We definitely need to increase the geographical coverage of the BRT initiative. We also must increase the number of units we have working and optimise their maintenance for sustainable operations #ForAGreaterLagos #SanwooluOnTransportation

Oloye! @Ay_bkini: #SanwoOluOnTransportation Do you have plans towards decongesting traffic on major roads by developing and making inner roads motorable? Also, Lagos has a lot of Huge roundabouts causing traffic gridlock, do you have plans to reduce the sizes of those roundabouts? Eg: Allen

Sanwo-Olu: Yes Oloye. Making our inner roads motorable is a low hanging fruit we must leverage. This is a priority and we are extensively looking into it in tandem with the traffic hotspot mapping #ForAGreaterLagos #SanwoOluOnTransportation

Ayomide Kque‏ @kque10: You should look for roads that will ease traffic easily ..just like the the lekki/ikoyi link bridge…there are others routes like that across Lagos. Examples are Isheri/Festac…isheri/okota(fasheun road) Ijesha bustop..igando/igbesa etc.

Sanwo-Olu: You are spot on Ayomide. Inner routes that would ease the congestion on major highways would help.Development of such infrastructure is a priority for us and a lot of work has been done and is still being done on this #ForAGreaterLagos#SanwooluOnTransportation

Prince Ahmad Y‏ @hamadyusuff: @jidesanwooluSir! What are your plans on strengthening the agency @followlastma that is saddled with the responsibility of moving Lagos Traffic forward round the clock. Their welfare, workforce etc. #SanwooluOnTransportation

Sanwo-Olu: They are crucial to the management of traffic in Lagos and I can guarantee that not only would they be constantly trained and retrained,they would be equipped and empowered to professionally execute the duties #ForAGreaterLagos #SanwooluOnTransportation

AdesinaKushanu @AdesinaKushanu: @jidesanwooluwater transportation is still behind please let us see your hands in this area.Open more jetties in these areas @Alapere/Majidun/Itoikin etc, to ease road transportation.

Sanwo-Olu: I assure you Sir, water transportation is a priority #ForAGreaterLagos #SanwooluOnTransportation

OluwaBurnar‏ @onlineAngel16: Internet is everything to the youth, what is ur plan on that sir ??? #SanwooluOnTransportation

Sanwo-Olu: It’s already commendable that there are Lagos State buses equipped with Internet access. And I have gone a step further, even as a candidate, to offer free Wi-Fi at malls and other locations. A connected Lagosis what we must sustain #ForAGreaterLagos #SanwooluOnTransportation

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