Please Yemi Osinbnjo deserves some respect – by Olorunloba Adeniyi

When my wife returned from a 2-day programme she had attended and asked me if I had listened to Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s debate and video that had gone viral regarding it, I took it with a pinch of salt because I didn’t really notice any big flaws on the part of the participants. It was not until later that night when I was looking at the status of a friend on Whatsapp that I noticed what my wife had said and how far many Nigerians had taken it. They had even made different versions of video of a particular part of the Vice president’s reactions.

It is now I know many Nigerians are gullible and social media crazy. They would do anything to go viral. For God sake, is it a crime for somebody to stutter or stammer? And do these people know what it takes to be on a hot seat like that? Many seem to have forgotten that the VP was the cynosure of all eyes. Aside from the fact that he is a professor, millions of people all over the world were waiting for how he would defend his government in the face of current crisis which has plagued the nation. So in a nutshell, the oppositions were going to capitalize on any simple mistake so much as stammering and used it against him.

How many families in Nigeria can boast of a professor, let alone a former Commissioner and now the incumbent vice president of the most populous black nation in the world. Such a person with such great achievements deserve nothing but respect.

Let’s just say he made a grammatical blunder, which he really didn’t, what is the big deal. Are professors immune against grammatical mistakes? I also had the opportunity of watching the debate from the beginning to end and at no point in time was I bothered about the grammatical composition of the participants. I was actually interested in how they would paddle us out of the socio-political-economic quagmire we have found ourselves in. There was a particular candidate from another party, who had no accurate or technocratic answers to many of the socio-political-economic questions that he was being asked. Yet, the only person who was picked out from the lot, despite tackling the issues very well,was the professor.

The other day, it was Patience Jonathan that had become the laughing stock of the people so much so that DJ’s even made mixed tapes with her remarks. Clothiers were not left out of the gullibility. And now it’s the turn of PYO. Could one say, the idleness suffered by many of us in this harsh economy is the reason or perhaps, just the need to direct the much needed traffic to our redundant social media platforms that cause it?

If you have had the opportunity of listening to Professor Yemi Osinbajo talk, you would know that he is a walking encyclopaedia. Ask those who have gone to The Platform organized by Pastor Poju Oyemade, The general overseer of The Covenant Christian Centre and you would know he’s not that kind of person that should be a victim of political mudslinging. Till date is one of the best brains that has ever come out of this great nation. He is not just a professor on the pages of a book but one with proven track records. As a former commissioner of Justice in Lagos, he reformed the justice system and Lagosians can bear witness to this.

So please for God sake, let’s stop this childish behaviour. Let us for once behave like grownups and civilized society by respecting our brains and our leaders.

Mufti Ismail Menk, said, “Don’t waste your time explaining to people who have already made up their minds about you; those who are committed to misunderstand you!They have an agenda. Don’t stress over them and get on with your life. They don’t deserve your attention.”

So no matter what good may come out of a political opponent, particularly in this part of the world, the opponents would always pick holes in it. The social media experts for the ruling party are also guilty of the same offence.

Let it be known that I’m neither a lover of the present government particularly in relation to the manner it has handled the security of this country nor the opposition party which has bastardized the economy for good 16 years. That the latter has now finally gotten the solution is a fallacy. And as a matter of fact I would be voting a neutral candidate, who is more vibrant and entirely new to the system. Even if he doesn’ tcome out to be the winner(which is very likely), I would have satisfied my conscience. All I stand for is a better Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.

Olorunloba Adeniyi aka Zeemo is a blogger and an ICT consultant. You can reach him on

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