The Lagos State 2019 Governorship Debate- An eye opener

The Lagos state Governorship debate has come and gone, but it was an eye opener for many Lagosians, at least for me. Throughout the entire duration of the programme, I was very active on twitter engaging other men and women of this great city, on who to stir the ship of our darling Lagos for the next four years. It won’t be out of place to say; whoever becomes the next governor is perhaps a president of a state because Lagos is undoubtedly a microcosm of Nigeria.

At the end of the day, one candidate from a relatively unknown party unequivocally carried the day, with his mesmerizing, concise and precise answers to questions raised by the panel and within the allotted time. If intelligence, tenacity and outspokenness were enough to govern a state as powerful as Lagos, then that young man from Ikorodu should be good enough for that post but unfortunately, politics goes way beyond those attributes.

Politicians are full of promises. They have sugar-coated mouths. They would promise you heaven and earth to get up there but my dear brothers and sisters you and I both know what they become once they get there. They are indeed the devil advocates.

Out of the four candidates that took part in the debate, only three of them really have something to offer and deserve a chance. One of them, from one of the oldest parties in the current dispensation was just ranting about how he would take the commonwealth of the people of Lagos from one individual and give it back to Lagosians. One won’t be surprised that if such a person was elected, he might use the entire tenure chasing after just an individual, who has become an enigma in Lagos instead of focusing on good governance. For me, that sort of person does not deserve my vote.

Of the remaining three candidates, one was a doer, one a talker and the last one, a mere presenter. I had even expected the candidate who is always coming up every four years to bamboozle the audience with innovative ideas but instead he was boasting of how he was going to put internet facilities in all schools in Lagos, including primary schools in his first 100 days in office. First 100 days? Just how visible is that? Well that’s the typical Nigerian politicians for you -always opening their mouth without reasoning. Unlike Mr Trump who promised to build a wall to stop the Mexicans from further infiltrating the US during his campaign and is bent on doing so, our own politicians always ride on the waves of promises undelivered.

Please don’t be fooled by the intelligence of the young man from that relatively unknown party because it’s not easy to walk the talk. Politics “no be beans”, and governance goes way beyond what you read from text books. Sometimes you need a tested and trusted person. And sometimes the tested and trusted one could mess up that confidence once placed on him.

And please don’t be fooled by “Mr First in so many things”. Personally I love him and his antecedents speak for him but you and I both know that the enigma of Lagos is always going to be in charge. When he was asked why till date Lagos has failed to make public his expenditure, he couldn’t give a very good answer because just like those before him, he would also do the same. If he dares bite the fingers that fed him, the cane that was used in beating the first wife, is still in the closet, waiting for him.

So how do you decide who to vote for? Yes, this is what you have to do. First of all, don’t go for party. Go for an individual. And secondly, use your heart, and not your eyes. If you decide to vote based on what you see, what you see is nothing but illusion.

The choice is yours my brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter if my candidate doesn’t win eventually. Satisfying my conscience is all that matters. And always remember, conscience is an open wound which can only be healed by truth.

God bless Lagos. God bless Nigeria.

The article was written by Olorunloba Adeniyi(Zeemo), the National Coordinator of Do You Deserve my Vote(DYDMV). You can always reach him on Twitter @zeemosblog

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