Fulani and The FG’S Radio Licence – Who Is To Blame?

By Emmanuel Chiedu SB

It is important that I start by asserting that I agree that Ethnicity and Religion are among (but not necessarily) the greatest problems bedeviling this country. It has ensured that Nigerians remain divided along certain lines and has always been a tool used by politicians in their ride to power.

That not withstanding, to blame the Nigeria public for being suspicious of a federal government that has been as controversial as it has been deceptive, and absolving FG of any blame is total hypocritic and absurd.

What do you expect from the people when the Muhammadu Buhari led FG has continued to arouse suspicion with it’s every move? There have always been reports of a planned Islamization (and now Fulanization) agenda which is probably older than Buhari. Anybody who dismisses history does so at his own peril.

Now let’s look at FG led by Buhari. Would you blame anyone who becomes suspicious of his (alleged good) intentions? Ever since he took over the mantle of leadership from ex president Goodluck Jonathan, his moves and utterances has been shrouded in controversy and double standard. He is widely known as the only president to have appointed only his (Fulani) kinsmen into 99% of the security positions in the country. Starting from the Chief of Army Staff, Police, down to the minister of interior.

The same federal government was in a hurry to proscribe the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) who it is on record have never hurt a fly, while the notorious Fulani herdsmen are being pampered like a mother would do to her new born baby. Don’t forget that internationally, this group are seen as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, but not in Nigeria where they are considered as landlords.

Several times within the last four years, representatives and leaders of this tribe have claimed responsibility for the killing of many Nigerians and destruction of countless villages, but it is not on record that anyone was ever arrested, talk more of tried.

Using the administration of former president Jonathan as example, the Ijaws did not run around the country causing mayhem in people’s farms or in their Rivers simply because their tribesman was the leader of the country.

President Buhari body language has been a problem since inception of his administration. His 97% and 5% comment within the first months of his administration has left him a suspect. The recent report of Nigeria’s ban on gun license few days before the news of FG FULANI radio license is enough to make those who don’t have short memories think twice. After all only recently in Benue community, after soldiers did a clean sweep and mop up all guns and weapons in the village, within the next few days armed herdsmen attacked killing scores who could not defend themselves.

So put simply, any sane person, any sane Nigerian has every right to question FG’s intention in establishing a Fulani only Radio station. The signs may be wrong, but it should not be ignored.

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