Nigerians are at the receiving end of the Xenophobic attacks by South Africans.

A source informed me that the news being peddled around regarding the recent attacks by the South Africans on other Africans in the country was not true. He said while it was seen a xenophobic attack, Nigerians were mostly targeted.

The guy said whenever any minor incidence happens in South Africa the South Africans make it spiral into something much bigger. He said the whole thing started in Pretoria. He said a transporter had a minor altercation with another foreigner who unfortunately happened to be those referred to as “Oloja” by Nigerians living in Pretoria. It is a slang used for somebody who deals in illegal drugs(cocaine) in that part of the world. According to the guy, he said Nigerians use the term “Amala” to refer to it.

The misunderstanding between the two of them resulted in the death of the transporter. The news that now went round was that a Nigerian was the one who had killed the transporter. He said the violence eventually spread from Pretoria to Johannesburg. At the moment, he said they were in hiding and they could not go out again. That’s how bad the situation is.

It’s high time the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria took a decisive steps once and for all in tackling these attacks by the South Africans against Nigerians. It is true that this very recent attacks actually affected many Africans in Pretoria and Joburg but Nigerians were at the receiving end. We should no longer be seen as a sleeping giant of the continent or a toothless bulldog.

Recently when a Nigerian business woman was murdered by unknown assailants in a hotel in South Africa, the Nigerian government had warned that it would not take it lightly if any Nigerian was murdered again. The South African government no longer needs any warning. We can send a strong signal to them by first of all recalling our ambassador to the Zulu Kingdom and also send his counterpart here in Nigeria back there. This would no doubt show them that we are not a country to be toiled with by any African country let alone a country like South Africa whom we fought for to liberate from the shackles of Apartheid. It is in this same country that that they slaughter her citizens that houses some of their biggest companies eg. MTN, Multichoice, Shoprite etc. It is in Nigeria they have made their biggest turnover in the history of their existence. Is this how they pay us back for our kind gestures?

It is hope the Nigerian government would send a strong warning to President Cyril Ramaphosa that #EnoughIsEnough.

Written by Zeemo.

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