When will we see a vaccine?

BBC – There’s one major question about this pandemic that millions of people will be hoping has a positive answer: will we see a vaccine anytime soon?

Well, earlier today, we heard some promising words from the world’s leading public health body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) hailed an “incredible achievement” in the effort to produce a vaccine for the coronavirus.

“The first vaccine trial has begun, just 60 days after the genetic sequence of the coronavirus was shared,” WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters.

That trial began in the US at the Kaiser Permanente research facility in Seattle earlier this week. Four patients received the jab, which cannot cause Covid-19 but contains a harmless genetic code copied from the virus.

Now for the bad news.

Experts warn that it will be many months before it is clear whether this vaccine, or any of the others that are also in research, will work.

And even if these initial safety tests go well, it will still take time for any potential vaccine to become available to the public.

It means, realistically, one would not be ready until at least the middle of next year.

But don’t be too disheartened. Scientists around the world are fast-tracking research in an effort to mass produce a safe vaccine as soon as possible.

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